People on the Left That Can Only Characterize Us as a Bunch of Ignorant Buffoons.

I’ve been having a discussion  via e-mail  with someone about the Tea Party and conservatives in general, in reference to someone that posted an article written by some newspaper columnist in Asia, entitled The Perils of American Stupidity. In the eyes of the writer the stupid people are only on the right. The article said that after the results of the election, the biggest loser is education since conservatives are anti-intellectual. The article focused on the denial of global warming/climate change and denial of evolution. The writer asserted that conservatives are anti-science. I have attempted to defend conservatism by saying that there is no active attempt to damage science in general and no one is seriously pushing for creationism in schools as a major issue. I said that the primary interests of the Tea Party are an adherence to the Constitution in its present form, a reduction in the size and scope of government, in a well-regulated capitalist economy, and taxation that makes sense. My question  is this… are conservatives anti-intellectual? Are conservatives anti-science? Finally, what can we do to defeat people on the left that can only characterize us as a bunch of ignorant buffoons?

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