People on the Left That Can Only Characterize Us as a Bunch of Ignorant Buffoons.

I’ve been having a discussion  via e-mail  with someone about the Tea Party and conservatives in general, in reference to someone that posted an article written by some newspaper columnist in Asia, entitled The Perils of American Stupidity. In the eyes of the writer the stupid people are only on the right. The article said that after the results of the election, the biggest loser is education since conservatives are anti-intellectual. The article focused on the denial of global warming/climate change and denial of evolution. The writer asserted that conservatives are anti-science. I have attempted to defend conservatism by saying that there is no active attempt to damage science in general and no one is seriously pushing for creationism in schools as a major issue. I said that the primary interests of the Tea Party are an adherence to the Constitution in its present form, a reduction in the size and scope of government, in a well-regulated capitalist economy, and taxation that makes sense. My question  is this… are conservatives anti-intellectual? Are conservatives anti-science? Finally, what can we do to defeat people on the left that can only characterize us as a bunch of ignorant buffoons?

Obama Returns Home, To Face an Unpredictable Congress in a Lame-Duck Session

So what can we expect from a Lame Duck President and a Lame Duck Congress?  We can expect grid-lock that’s what!  We can expect a president who will be exceptional angry at those who warned him about the consequences of ignoring the will of the American public.  He can also expect that he himself is going to be voted out come 2012, and I think that he already knows that.


I VOTE Republican because I have not found a democrat  worth my vote in the past 20 years.  And  because I haven’t found a democrat  that actually follows through with their campaign promises, seems 100% trustworthy, and actually seems to have my best interests at heart – and the best interests of every hard-working, decent, “legal” citizen in my town/county/state/country. The democratic party  has been increasingly looking the same with  scandels, bribes, giving ‘hand-outs’ to the LAZY (I didn’t say the deserving: elderly; legitimately incapacitated in some way, people; or innocent children; etc…) There’s people who abuse the system all over the place and, frankly, I’m tired of working hard/balancing my personal budgetto live ‘within my means’, and ONLY having children that I can emotionally/spiritually/mentally /physically/and FINANCIALLY support. I respect myself, my family & friends, my home/yard, neighborhood, etc…and I’m SICK/TIRED of those who don’t. And that is the only kind of candidates I have found to be my representing the democratic party these days.

Voting for the lesser of two evils in the Democratic party is still voting for evil. All the democrats offer me a refuge for failed classless clowns.

America Has Lost Its Mind

Let me ask you the following questions. Would you want to trust your life savings to a group of people who can’t even manage their own budget? Would you trust your investments to a stock broker who has a record of consistent failure in the stock market and squandering the investors’ money on his personal interests and himself? Then why would you vote for Barack Obama?